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All incidents reported for Places API


Summary Date Duration
Some prominent locations are returning NOT_FOUND when using a subset of Google Maps APIs.: - Geocoding - Directions - Distance Matrix - Routes - Routes Preferred - Place details 19 Apr 2023
4 hours, 52 minutes
Increased latency in Asia region for requests involving reverse-geocode 10 Apr 2023
4 hours, 8 minutes


Summary Date Duration
Elevated latency and error rate for Geocoding, Directions, Places APIs. 26 Oct 2022
1 hour, 7 minutes
Increased latency and error rates on Street View Static API; increased latency on Place Details API 16 Oct 2022
2 hours, 10 minutes
High Reverse Geocoding error rates and latency 13 Oct 2022
2 hours, 4 minutes
Increased ZERO_RESULTS response from Place Search APIs 29 Aug 2022
7 hours, 14 minutes
Increase error rate for Places - Find Place method and Geocoding API 16 Aug 2022
18 minutes
Not all relevant results returned by Places search APIs 11 Aug 2022
1 day
Increased error rate and latency on multiple Google Maps Platform APIs 8 Aug 2022
4 hours, 11 minutes
Geocoding API may be returning fewer results for US East customers 4 Aug 2022
3 hours, 30 minutes


Summary Date Duration
Elevated error rate for Places API 7 Apr 2021
7 hours, 35 minutes
Server errors for Places API requests, between 19:47 and 19:50 US/Pacific 23 Feb 2021
3 minutes
Elevated level of 5xx errors for Google Maps Platform Places API | Place Details 20 Jan 2021
2 hours, 2 minutes


Summary Date Duration
Increase in latency and 502 errors from Google Maps Platform API requests 24 Sep 2020
33 minutes