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Incident affecting Google Cloud Storage

Elevated GCS Errors from Canada

Incident began at 2017-10-12 12:47 and ended at 2017-10-13 10:12 (all times are US/Pacific).

Date Time Description
19 Oct 2017 12:49 PDT


Starting Thursday 12 October 2017, Google Cloud Storage clients located in the Northeast of North America experienced up to a 10% error rate for a duration of 21 hours and 35 minutes when fetching objects stored in multi-regional buckets in the US.

We apologize for the impact of this incident on your application or service. The reliability of our service is a top priority and we understand that we need to do better to ensure that incidents of this type do not recur.


Between Thursday 12 October 2017 12:47 PDT and Friday 13 October 2017 10:12 PDT, Google Cloud Storage clients located in the Northeast of North America experienced up to a 10% rate of 503 errors and elevated latency. Some users experienced higher error rates for brief periods. This incident only impacted requests to fetch objects stored in multi-regional buckets in the US; clients were able to mitigate impact by retrying. The percentage of total global requests to Cloud Storage that experienced errors was 0.03%.


Google ensures balanced use of its internal networks by throttling outbound traffic at the source host in the event of congestion. This incident was caused by a bug in an earlier version of the job that reads Cloud Storage objects from disk and streams data to clients. Under high traffic conditions, the bug caused these jobs to incorrectly throttle outbound network traffic even though the network was not congested.

Google had previously identified this bug and was in the process of rolling out a fix to all Google datacenters. At the time of the incident, Cloud Storage jobs in a datacenter in Northeast North America that serves requests to some Canadian and US clients had not yet received the fix. This datacenter is not a location for customer buckets (, but objects in multi-regional buckets can be served from instances running in this datacenter in order to optimize latency for clients.


The incident was first reported by a customer to Google on Thursday 12 October 14:59 PDT. Google engineers determined root cause on Friday 13 October 09:47 PDT. We redirected Cloud Storage traffic away from the impacted region at 10:08 and the incident was resolved at 10:12.

We have now rolled out the bug fix to all regions. We will also add external monitoring probes for all regional points of presence so that we can more quickly detect issues of this type.

13 Oct 2017 10:17 PDT

The issue with Google Cloud Storage request failures for users in Canada and Northeast North America has been resolved for all affected users as of Friday, 2017-10-13 10:08 US/Pacific. We will conduct an internal investigation of this issue and make appropriate improvements to our systems to help prevent or minimize future recurrence. We will provide a more detailed analysis of this incident once we have completed our internal investigation.

13 Oct 2017 09:31 PDT

We are investigating an issue with Google Cloud Storage users in Canada and Northeast North America experiencing HTTP 503 failures. We will provide more information by 10:30 US/Pacific.