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All incidents reported for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL


Summary Date Duration
We are experiencing an issue with Cloud Memorystore, AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, Backup and DR, Cloud Data Fusion, Google Cloud Composer, Google Cloud SQL. All products are mitigated. 20 Nov 2023
4 hours, 38 minutes
AlloyDB for PostgreSQL is experiencing intermittent errors in us-central1 1 Nov 2023
8 hours, 43 minutes
us-east1 - AlloyDB backups are failing for some customers 27 Jun 2023
49 minutes
Multiple Google Cloud Platform services impacted globally with operational latency 12 Jun 2023
4 hours, 33 minutes
This issue is believed to be affecting a very small number of projects and our Engineering Team is working on it. If you have questions or are impacted, please open a case with the Support Team and we will work with you until this issue is resolved. No further updates will be provided here. We thank you for your patience while we are working on resolving the issue. 26 Apr 2023
1 hour, 34 minutes
Multiple Google Cloud services in the europe-west9-a zone are impacted 25 Apr 2023
1 day, 3 hours
We are investigating an Issue with AlloyDB for PostgreSQL 30 Mar 2023
16 hours, 24 minutes